Rental Products

Holloway provides a broad selection of rental rigging equipment with flexible time periods and competitive pricing. Ideal for short term or one project use, HHI has the fully maintained and certified equipment you require, when and where you need it.

Trained and experienced technicians provide professional turnkey service for Water Bag Load Testing, Free Weight Load Testing, Specialty Weighing Service and Equipment, Center of Gravity Calculations, Calibration Services and more.


Holloway Houston’s MORBAR Spreader Bars and Rigging Rental Division has a worldwide presence in the engineering, manufacturing and assembly of spreader bars, wire rope slings and associated rigging.
We offer a complete assortment of related rigging components. Read More…

Load Measuring Equipment Calibration

Drawing from a large inventory of Hydraulic Jacks, Load Shackles, Running Line Tensioners, Anti-two Block systems and other measuring equipment, Holloway Houston provides the equipment and experience for Turnkey Service at our shop or at your site.
Holloway sells, rents, calibrates and repairs providing Turnkey Services for multiple applications. Read More…