TEFC Integral Motors

HP 3600 1800 3600 1800
1 F143T1M4A F143TC1M4A
1.5 F143T1.5M2A F145T1.5M4A F143TC1.5M2A F143TC1.5M4A
2 F145T2M2A F145T2M4A F145TC2M2A F145TC2M4A
3 F182T3M2A F182T3M4A F182TC3M2A F182TC3M4A
5 F184T5M2A F184T5M4A F184TC5M2A F184TC5M4A
7.5 F213T7.5M2A F213T7.5M4A_ F213TC7.5M2A F213TC7.5M4A
10 F215T10M2A F215T10M4A_ F215TC10M2A F215TC10M4A


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