Testing Services

Proof Load and Break Testing

With over 13 test beds available on premises,Our Testing Department offers an array of testing options up to 5000 tons for any lifting component. Read More
Cyclic Testing

In order to demonstrate reliability of a product and to obtain data in different real world conditions, Our special Testing Department offers a whole new level of Cyclic Testing. Read More
Water Bag Proof Load Testing

Offers a safer, more economical and less time-consuming alternative to solid weights for proof testing cranes, lifeboats, structure strength and other applications. Useful anywhere there is a water supply; water bag testing eliminates large transportation costs, provides less storage and handling problems, and reduces customer rigging time and expense. Read More
Solid Weight Proof Testing

When Water Bags are not an option, HHI can provide Steel Solid Weights. Weights range from small 10 Ton individual trees, 50 ton lifting beams, to large baskets with overall weights of 100 to 150 tons. All individual trees, lifting beams & baskets are designed for easy handling during use. Read More
Weighing Services

JIL has a large inventory of hydraulic jacks, load cells, running line tensiometers and other load measuring equipment our trained and experienced technician use for weighing loads, finding the center of gravity, calibrating equipment, and other specialty applications in our shop or at your site. Read More