Z1000U Matrix Bypass

The Z1000U Bypass package provides a Z1000U Matrix drive in a NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure with an input circuit breaker and a 2-contactor or optional 3-contactor style bypass to allow motor operation from the drive or across the line.


Feature Highlights

Two Contactor Bypass
100k AIC Package Rating
Input “Non-Fused” Disconnect
Drive H-O-A Keypad used for Bypass
Standard Digital Inputs (5)
BAS Interlock
Auto Transfer to Bypass
Smoke Purge
Programmable Digital Inputs (3)
Form “C” Programmable Relays (4)
All Bypass Functions Work with Network Communications
Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified), along with Modbus/Memobus, APOGEE FLN and Metasys N2
Phase Loss & Low Voltage Monitor – Protects Against Contactor Coil Burn-out
Motor Amp Display in Bypass – True loss of load indicator
Duct Pressurization Function (Pre-run)


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