You’re OPAL started. Now, you’re looking to stop. OPAL stop.

The OP-STOP DC Injection (DCI) brake module is a full-featured braking unit that provides smooth braking of AC induction motors. SAF’s DCI offers adjustable braking through the use of closed-loop current control, which, unlike mechanical brakes, will not wear. The OP-STOP electric brake delivers high levels of braking torque by injecting controlled DC into two motor phases. OP-STOP and consider the benefits the OP-STOP product delivers to your business operations:

Standby time eliminated, increasing your production output
Setup and installation easy and expeditious, increasing your uptime
Rapid motor braking, increasing your safety
Zero moving parts to wear out (unlike mechanical brakes), saving you money
Spare parts requirements reduced because of a common control card on all OP-STOPs, saving you yet again more money



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