High pressure line EP Pump

High pressure progressive cavity pumps
Pump for new process with extreme pressures
• For all kinds of viscosity fluids, petrol, with solids
In the battery
• Mud movement, sprays and dispersions
• Chemical and oil industry
• Paper, beverage and food industry
• Water treatment and membrane technology


Building Characteristics:
• Horizontal pumps with a basic assembly were developed with the experience
acquired during many years in standard pumps and with a large series of
practical tests in achieving relatively high pressures (80 Bar)
All the components are dimensioned for a continuous service in highly de-
manding applications
• Cardan joints are designed for the highest loadings
• Various tested systems are available for shaft sealing
• According to the material selection most varied chemical composition fluids
can be pumped
• Pumps can be driven by all the known driving devices. Thanks to their design,
pumps don’t need practically any maintenance and they enable a simple as-
sembly and an easy operation
• Components designed under standards and pressure rating
• Absolutely airtight cardan joints, qualified for torque and axial charges
• Many option of shaft seal, different API plans available
• Materials according to chemical and corrosive
characteristics of the fluid
• Driven according to the users requirements: direct,
speed reducer, belts and pulleys, frequency inverter
• Peripheral components: valves and accessories,
instrumentation according to area classification, engine
control and control panels, protections, commands and
radio transmitting data


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